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As the best Chamber Orchestra in Ogden, we’re committed to providing the community with a vast range of entertainment productions. Looking to donate to a good cause? Our community of aspiring artists is counting on you! Chamber Orchestra Ogden is entirely dependent on donations to continue providing the concerts that our audiences enjoy and expect.  While much of our funding comes from our major donors, we also rely on grants from individuals to keep us in operation. We thrive on the help and support we get from our generous benefactors, and would like to thank you for your helping hand. Contact us today and inquire about all the options. ​

Conductor on Stage
Support Us: Donate
Ochestra in Action


Where does the money go that we receive?

  • Musicians’ compensation.  Our musicians are paid a small amount for each rehearsal and concert.

  • Purchase and rental of music.

  • Rental costs for Perry’s Egyptian Theater, our beautiful performance space, including money to pay the highly trained technicians and staff that keep the concerts running smoothly.

  • Purchase of equipment needed to perform our concerts.

  • Artist fees are paid to our guest soloists.

Where doesn’t the money go?

  • Our dedicated Board of Directors is not paid.

  • Our conductor is not paid.

  • The many volunteers that help us produce concerts are not paid.

Support Us: Donate
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