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Alisa Crowell grew up in the greater Ogden area and has always loved music. The piano was her forte until 6th grade when her friend persuaded her to join the school orchestra. While soccer stole the heart of Alisa’s friend, viola held on tight to her own as she ventured through the string world in C-clef. 

Viola carried Alisa to perform with Utah Youth Symphony, BYU Philharmonic Orchestra, Trianon Orchestra, and Ipswich Symphony Orchestra in England, and now Chamber Orchestra Ogden. While living in Cadiz, Spain she found joy in teaching piano and music. 

Regardless of various backgrounds or perspectives on life, Alisa feels a sense of unity in delivering music’s message to inspire, motivate, and mend the hearts of those listening—which is truly an experience without words.

Alisa graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Minor in Music. She thoroughly enjoys hiking, photography and photoshop, cooking, basketball, coloring with her kids, and travel. She has four children and an incredibly supportive non-musical husband. True love!

Alisa Crowell: Meet the Company
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